US-Japan Dialogue on POWs
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Contains an article written by Kinue Tokudome after many interviews with Ed
The Roderick Hall Collection on World War II in the Philippines
The Filipinas Heritage Library provides access to over 13,000 contemporary volumes on Philippine history, art, language, etc.  The Roderick Hall Collection is housed in the FHL
1st Cavalry Division Gets New Commander
News story from the Killeen Daily Herald outlining the March 4, 2014 change of command at Fort Hood.  Raqui writes:    "Gen. Mike Bills took over as Commander of the 1st Cavalry Division in Fort Hood, TX last March 4, 2014.  Ed had predicted that when he and I were there in Feb. 11, 2011 when BG Mike Bills dedicated his promotion to Ed. I guess Ed is busy up there in Heaven making things happen for us on earth. It is so well deserved and I am so proud of him. Gen. Bills handed me the flag during Ed’s burial at Arlington National Cemetery."
L to R:  Col. Doug Morrison, BG Mike Bills, Megan Bills, Monica Ramsey & Ed Ramsey, Jr.
L to R: Col. Doug Morrison, BG Mike Bills, Megan Bills, Monica Ramsey & Ed Ramsey, Jr.
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Paolo Cascio Photography - Facebook Page
Mr. Cascio took many excellent photographs during Ed's memorial services, some of which may be found here on Ed's site.  For those with Facebook accounts, the link above leads to Paolo's page.
Bataan World War II Museum - Facebook Page
The Bataan World War II Museum in Balanga City recently created a Facebook page containing information about the museum and current exhibits.
UK paper The Independent
Article - "Soldier who led the last cavalry charge by the US Army"
Bataan Legacy - Memorial Day 2014 at Philippine Consulate, Facebook Page
They Called Themselves the Battling Bastards of Bataan, available now on, a project by Jay Wertz.
Edwin Price Ramsey
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