Remembering Ed - "The Ramsey Guerilla March"
March 2015 -     "My name is LTC Mark Girolamo (USAR Ret).  I am part of the team that recently had the Ramsey Guerrilla March arranged, recorded and presented to Mrs. Ramsey.  Raymond Mendez acquired the sheet music and asked me if I had any contacts with military bands as a result of my background. He told me that Mrs. Ramsey had never heard the Ramsey Guerrilla March and he was trying to get the march arranged and recorded.  I reached out to COL Bob McClure, the CEO of the West Point Association of Graduates of which I am a member. COL McClure passed the sheet music along to one of his employees, Ms. Megan Dill, whose husband, MSG Denver Dill, is a member of the West Point Band.  MSG Dill got the music into the right hands at the band and they enthusiastically took on the challenge of arranging the piece and recording it.  It was arranged by Sergeant Major Douglas Richard.  It is an amazing piece of military music, played by one of the foremost military bands in the world.  All of the band members were very pleased to be a part of this tribute to a bona fide American hero, LTC Ramsey."
Cadet Parade on "The Plain" at West Point
USMA Band in Concert in New York City
March 14, 2015 - Raqui with COL McClure and LTC Girolamo receiving plaque of the scoresheet of West Point Band's arrangement of Ramsey Guerilla March
March 14, 2015 -- Raqui with Ray Mendez
We are thankful and proud to announce that through the selfless efforts of many thoughtful individuals, The Ramsey Guerilla March has been performed by the West Point Band, described below.  Music was composed by Eliseo P. Arevalo of the Mispah Intelligence Unit and the piece was Orchestrated by Sgt. Major Douglas Richard of The West Point Band.
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