Ed in the Media
Lieutenant Ramsey's War, Kinghtsbridge NY, 1990, Ed Ramsey

The Pacific Volume 1 - Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal, 2010, Jay Wertz

The Pacific Volume 2 - The Solomons to Saipan, 2013, Jay Wertz

Loyal Forces: The American Animals of WW II, 2013, Kiser, Toni & Barnes, Lindsay F.

Lieutenant Ramsey's War, Philippine Edition by UST Press, 2016, Ed Ramsey

Doomed Horse Soldiers of Bataan: The Incredible Stand of the 26th Cavalry, 2016, Raymond Woolfe

They Called Themselves the Battling Bastards of Bataan, 2017, Jay Wertz

The Reckoning, 2018, John Grisham
Feature Stories
World War II US Cavalry Units (Pacific Theatre), 2010, Gordon Rottman

The Twilight Riders, The Last Charge of the 26th Cavalry, 2011, Peter Stevens

The Doomed Horsesoldiers of Bataan 2011, Raymond Woolfe Jr., 26th Cavalry

The Officer Review, March-April 2019

The US Cavalry's Last Charge, David Sears, WWII Magazine, March/April 2015
Pacific Stars & Stripes, July 1965

Philippine Panorama, January 19, 1986, The Saga of Ramsey's Guerillas

TIME, November 23, 1987, Echoing Hoofbeats

Globe Digest, October 10, 1987, The Pony Soldiers Last Hurrah

Publisher's Weekly, September 7, 1990, COVER "Lieutenant Ramsey's War"

Polo, June/July 1991, Review of Lieutenant Ramsey's War

Reader's Digest, March 1992, The Secret War of Ed Ramsey

AARP, Modern Maturity, December 1991/January 1992, The $100,000 Guerilla

Oklahoma Today, September/October 1993, Down Home Polo

Filipinas Magazine, October 2002, Ramsey Fights On  (reprinted article)

Will You Return, Shelley Bishop, Military Officer, October 2003

The Bataan Poet, World War II Magazine, April 2, 2004

Polo Player's Edition
, August 2008

Western Shooting Horse Magazine, October 2008

On Point (The Journal of Army History), Summer 2011

Hawaii Army Museum Society News Letter, Winter 2011

American Legion Magazine, May 2017

Positively Filipino, November 2017

Purple Heart Magazine, January / February 2018  (reprinted article)

DAV Magazine, Gone But Not Forgotten, January / February 2018  (reprinted article)

SOONER Magazine, Fall 2018

Military Times Hall of Valor, November 2020
Refer to Sgt, Doug Stemer, Curator, Hall of Valor Database
Interviews and Reviews in Major Newspapers
LA Times
Sacramento Bee
Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Columbus Dispatch
Kansas City Star
Memphis Commercial Appeal
Louisville Courier Journal
Savannah Morning News
Associated Press
Fayetteville Observer
Windsor (Canada) Star
Special Live Guest and TV Appearances
Guest Speaker, 1995 and 1999 Memorial Days, "A Salute to Service"
  Sacramento, CA Convention Center

Guest Speaker, 2005 "US Cavalry Exhibit"
  Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, Simi Valley, California

PBS Special, "The American Experience; MacArthur"
Far East Network of the Armed Forces, Documentary "Bataan", 1984
LA Channel 5, Life & Times Tonight, July 1998
History Channel, Tales of the Gun: Guns of the US Mounted Cavalry, August 22, 1999
Fox TV, War Stories with Oliver North, "The Retaking of the Philippines", April 2005
Movies & Video Documentaries
DVD  - OMA: The West Point of the Southwest, premiered June 7 2014
Never Surrender: The Ed Ramsey Story, premiered November 2016
WWII in the Philippines - The Forgotten War (A Short Film), April 2021

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