Messages from Ed's Beloved Wife Raquel ("Raqui")
From 2019
March 7, 2019
Ed's Sixth Year Anniversary

Dear Family & Friends,

You are Gone but Never far away from me
You remain in my Thoughts and in my Heart.
You are Gone but the orchids bloom for Thee,
all six plants in my home and one from Hawaii
from Mel and Paula Levy.
Just like in your story in "Lt. Ramsey's War"
You saw life amidst the fear of death.

"It was an orchid, depending from a limb just a few feet away
beyond my reach. It was the only living thing amid the desolation
of the place and its petals pulsed seductively in the air;
this vision seemed to restore me."

I look at the orchids daily and I know you are alive,
and ever so close to me;
and my sadness leaves me,
I feel refreshed and ready to face another day without YOU!

Since I saw you in my dreams.
this song from Michael Bublue' fits so well.


Close your eyes
Let me tell you the reasons why
Think You're one of a kind
Here's to you
the one that I suppose is true
Do what you got to do
You're one of a kind
Thank God you're mine

You're an Angel dressed in armor
You're the fair in every fight
You're my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night
And if my love is blind
I don't want to see the light
It's your beauty that betrays you
Your smile gives you away
"Cause you're made of strength an mercy
And my soul is yours to save
And when this much is true
When my world was dark and blue
I know the only one who rescued me was you

Close your eyes
Let me tell you all the reasons why
You're never going to have to cry
Because you're one of a kind
Yeah here's to you
That one that always pulls us through
You always do what you got to do babe
Because you're one of a kind

When your luck was down in me
I know I'm finally free
So I tell you gratefully
Yes You'll be in my heart
is yours to keep

Close your eyes..... refrain
You're the reason why I'm breathing
With a little look my way
You're the reason that I'm feeling
It's finally safe to stay.

We stayed 34 years wonderful years together!
So I send you photos from our special time in those years.
Our New Year's Day in Honolulu at the Army Museum in front of the
painting of the Last Cavalry Charge with curator, Pierre Moulin in 2011,
and the installation of his plaque at the Mount Soledad Memorial
Foundation in La Joya, CA. in 2006. So many Memories...

Thank you for standing by me in those difficult days and today
as I continue my journey in life without him.

Love and prayers,
Also, Victor Verano of the PSHS has posted a video of Ed recalling how the last cavalry charge in US history came about.  The video may be viewed here.