Messages from Ed's Beloved Wife Raquel ("Raqui")
From 2021
March 7, 2021
Ed's Eighth Year Anniversary

Dear Family and Friends,

For Ed, on your 8th Anniversary:


I open my eyes but I do not see you,
I look around but I cannot find you.
You should be here, but you are not?
How did that happen? I do not understand.

The day seems lost without YOU
The hours seem longer cause I miss YOU
The joy that I felt has embed away 
And I am left with emptiness and sadness.

Where are the plans we made?
What will happen if this is truly true?
I cannot surmise the future,
But it will be nothing without YOU!

I will ponder on this day and think about us,
if it would have been different,
I will close my eyes again,
And hope this time that You are here!



I am sending two photos as attachments, one in 1945 when Ed came back from WWII  and the other at the Mt Soledad Memorial Ceremony in 2002.

I chose the song, "YOURS" by VERA LYNN in 1941 with the Mantovani Orchestra as it brings back the war years of Ed and the wonderful life we had for 34 years.


Yours till the stars lose their glory
Yours till the birds fail to sing
Yours to the end of life's story
This pledge to you dear, I bring

Yours in the grey of December
Here or on far distant shores

I've never loved anyone the way I love you
How could I, when I was born to be 
Just yours.

This night has music, the sweetest music
It echoes somewhere within my heart
I held you near me. oh darling near me
I have a message I  must impart

Yours till the stars lose their glory
Yours till the birds fail to sing
Yours to the end of life's story
This pledge to you dear, I bring

I've never loved anyone the way I love you
How could I, when i was born to be

Thanks for your constant love and care,

Dear Aurora,

What a beautiful heartfelt poem that touched me so much!
I am sharing it with family and friends who know you both.

Love and thanks,

Dear Raqui,
I am trying to be poetic as I remember Ed today. We love you. 

March 7: A day to remember

On this day, eight years ago
We received the sad news that Ed, our hero,
Our father figure and friend, 
Left  us for an unknown terrain.  
We shed a tear for he is gone,
Leaving us memories of things he has done.  
In the Philippines during World War II,
To keep us safe and free from the enemy. 

Ed Ramsey, our hero,
Brave and courageous, he led 
The last cavalry charge  to protect the people, 
From the conquerors' might.  
With great esteem we honor Ed, 
A kind human being and a war hero. 
Whose exploits are recorded in his book,
Never Surrender: The Ed Ramsey Story. 

We loved Ed not only as a war hero but as a loyal friend,
Great yet humble, generous  with a pure heart. 
Today, we remember him, with deep affection. 
To light the life of Raqui, his beautiful wife, our gracious connection. 

God bless,
Aurora S. Cudal-Rivera, D.Hum. (h.c.)
President - Congregational Tower Residents Association
NaFFAA Region 10 Chair Emeritus
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"I can do all things through Christ, the source of my strength."