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We are so sorry to hear of Ed's passing, but like you, we are celebrating his wonderful life as an American hero, respected and admired soldier, devoted husband, and friend and role model to thousands. I will never forget the first time Lynn and I met you and Ed and since have followed your exciting and-- never slowing down life together. We are so happy that we got to know you both and were able to connect to such a wonderful couple. Ed will be remembered throughout time and will continue to affect others, as a courageous and selfless officer, in the US Army. You and Ed are in our prayers as always.

Bob and Lynn Wilson
LTG US Army Retired



Ed has lived such a story. Hero in the most significant way. Loving husband, great friend, a man and fellow soldier I'll never forget. He has inspired many many Amercans, people of the Philippines and patriots around the world.. How proud we alumns of Oklahoma Military Academy are of our most famous graduate. Hopefully he is now again riding Bryn Awryn across the polo fields of Heaven!!!! I know what he meant to you...Jane and I have you in our thoughts and prayers.


Walter Price


To all,

Our sadness at the passing of the Colonel is tempered by our gratitude for the time since 2001 that we were privileged to have had with him. He was larger than life and the last of our great World War II Unconventional Warfare warrior heroes such as Aaron Bank, Bill Yarborough and Don Blackburn. Ed Ramsey was Special Forces before there was Special Forces.

The impact he had upon students of military history, Wake Forest University Army ROTC cadets and the Army Special Forces Officer Qualification Course will be with our force countless years into the future. A true officer and gentleman, the Colonel always had time to speak with and encourage others, to include our family, by phone, email or in person.

His encouragement of our son's riding, and various horse oriented disciplines, inspired a young equestrian who was recent selected for a position on the Team USA National Polocrosse under 16 squad that will play at the international level this summer. Bobby has aspirations of playing polo at the collegiate level, and will hopefully ride with as much spirit and competiveness as the Colonel did years ago.
On the British SAS memorial clock in Hereford, UK is the following inscription: "We are the Pilgrims, master: we shall go always a little further: it may be beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow, across that angry or glimmering sea."

Our friend, mentor and hero Ed Ramsey has crossed that final sea and is waiting for us on the other shore. May God continue to bless him, Raqui and the entire family.

Bob Seals
US Army SF Ret.


Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:08 PM
To: Ed Ramsey
Subject: In Memoriam

Dear Raqui:

Thank you for such a lovely remembrance of Ed. I will treasure the collection of pictures and the article of Ed in L.A. Times. I knew him as a kind and gentle man, and I am blessed to have known him. He is etched in my heart and in my memory till the end of time . I am so sorry I couldn’t attend his funeral in March and I wished that I could’ve lived closer in order to do so.

Much love and good feelings for you from my heart.

From: Bob Kurkjian
Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2013 3:56 AM
To: Ed Ramsey
Cc: <>; <>; Elaine Rogers; Mary Claire Boucher
Subject: Re: Reservations for Sheraton National Hotel and reception after Ed's Internment at Arlington National Cemetery on June 28, 2013

Dear Dr. Ramsey -

It was wonderful to speak with you yesterday and again, please accept our condolences on the passing of your husband, Col Ramsey. I found his website to be very interesting and educational. As an avid consumer of history, I have ordered one of his books and look forward to sitting down to read it.

Thank you for your generous and kind invitation to join you and your many distinguished guests for the Arlington burial ceremony. Those are immensely touching events and the Old Guard will make those in attendance very proud of our military traditions, all of which I have no doubt that Col Ramsey embraced on a daily basis. Too often these days we learn of people who have grossly inflated their military credentials or have falsely claimed rank and decorations they have not earned. And then there are true heroes, like Col Ramsey, who remind us what it really means to be a member of the U.S. Armed Forces.

I look forward to meeting you.

Warmest regards,

Bob Kurkjian
Executive Director
USO - Greater Los Angeles Area, Inc
Serving the Counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and Ventura
Airport Centers at LAX, ONT and PSP

From: Romy Monteyro
Sent: Sunday, May 05, 2013 7:43 PM
To: 'Ed Ramsey'
Subject: RE: On the 2nd Month Anniversary, May 7

Dear Raqui,

Our hero Ed will always stay near—in our hearts and our minds. An old soldier never dies. He just fades away, but only physically.

Colonel Ramsey now walks with his fellow heroes in that place the Lord Jesus promised to those who believe in Him. “In my Father’s house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you”, said our Lord.

Ed was General MacArthur’s fair-haired boy. Now they walk together smelling the roses in our Lord’s beautiful garden. The thought of him being in that wonderful, lovely, peaceful place will see us all
through, until we join him there. Aloha oe, Ed. Till we meet again!