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The message is the same as previously noted. These men came back with post traumatic stress disorder. Three years trying to stay alive in the Phillipine jungles. Malaria, jungle rot, Japanese soldiers. They all took a toll. Those men are appreciated and loved.

My late father in law, John Teatom was in the CBs. He hid in the jungle, fought with the Phillipine guerillas. He survived. He was so brave. They stayed alive. They fought. His children were born after the war. I tell his great-gramdchildren about him and what this generation of men and women did for us. Thank you.

Some of the toughest fighting in WW11

To all the brave men who fought and died during ww2 you made our country what it is today I know they don't want to be called heros but you are .the men who fought the japanese inthe philipines along with our filipino comrades God bless you all so brave so brave