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I am name after Edwin V. Williams, d. 4 July 1942, of malaria, dysentery, malnutrition, exhaustion, and beatings, Cabanatuan, the best friend of my father, Walter Marvin Lee, 808th MP Quinauan Point (in the jungle, M1917 beats M38). My father appreciated his last full mouthful of meat on March 15, 1942 until his next mouthful from a Red Cross Box, August 20, 1945, Hanawa. He told me about the Last Charge. Texas A&M Class of 1941. 124th Cav TX National Guard in the 1930's. He did not receive a commission at A&M as he failed Phys Ed (skipped swimming to exercise horses). He was scheduled for OCS April 1942, but was afraid to ask the Japanese to let him attend. He appreciated your service. He retired CWO3 USAF 1962. b 1916 d 1988 service connected.

Another buried Treasure. Keep the truth coming. Thanks and GOD BLESS AMERICA. BOOKER OUT!!

In my unit ie First City Troop Philadelphia we had a member Joseph Harris who was in the pre ww2 US Cav he passed some time ago and was able to still wear his ww2 uniform

A privilege and honor to learn about a great American.