Raqui, family and distinguished guests, thank you for this opportunity to pay my respects to a great cavalryman, husband and friend; one admired and loved by so many.  The interment today was spectacular and a real tribute to Ed, one that I am certain that he would have approved.  Pershing's Own, the Caissons, the horses and the salute was most deserving of a premier warrior and scout.  Ladies and Gentleman, if that ceremony didn't light your fire, well... your wood's wet!

I had the pleasure of meeting Col. Ed Ramsey in 1990 at Fort Riley, KS at a Cavalry Association dinner.  What a thrill that was for me.  Col. Ramsey and co-founder Jim Spurrier recognized others for their contributions to Cavalry.  It was never about them.  Of course the PR person was none other than Dr. Raquel Ramsey, loving wife, an accomplished teacher, administrator and later, "defacto Director of Operations".  And since I am recognizing Raqui, we all know that she was Ed's "supercharger" that zipped her and Ed all around the world.  They never met a stranger and befriended people everywhere.  Their annual Christmas letter read like an Army Campaign Plan, with their schedule leaping them about the country -- like MacArthur's Pacific plan.

I was fortunate to command 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, following a great commander and leader, Rich Cowell.  I also had the opportunity to command the 3rd U.S. Cavalry Regiment.  Both units' history were replete with testimonies of great scouts, troopers and cavalrymen -- but none were more courageous, more dedicated or one who embodied the 'Cavalry Spirit' more than Col Edwin Ramsey.  He served his Nation and her allies with distinction throughout his life.  Military service to him was an affair of the heart.

I am honored to participate in the celebration of Ed Ramsey's life and appreciate the opportunity to be with so many family and friends.  Thank you and God Bless!
Lt. Col. Edwin P. Ramsey
Celebration of Life Memorial and Reception
Remarks by LTG Robert Wilson, US Army (Ret.)
Commander, US Army Installation at the Pentagon