Dearest sister Raqui.  I feel your loss as does my family, Adriana, Daniel, and now Amy.

Since you married Ed thirty three years ago, we have shared the joy of being with you all those years and we are so grateful to Almighty God for all the blessings and the time we spent together.

I begin to think of how our lives changed when Ed came into our life though an incident in the Manila Garden Hotel where I was Assistant Chief Engineer.  Ed had requested for a change of an electrical fixture in his office at the hotel.  This became a turning point in my life as I later joined Ed in his company as Project Manager and technical Assistant for Intercane Pacific, Inc.  This was a joint venture with his friend and partner Fedore Rajic who passed away last year.  His widow Audry joins us here today.

Through the long period of service as technical Vice President for Ed with R & R International, Inc, a company Ed had incorporated in the Philippines, I had known to recognize and experience many of Ed’s distinguished personal traits:

An outstanding ability to see promise in human character and reach deep into the human spirit; to touch and charm, to challenge and motivate and to bring out the very best in the individual.

In reminisce, dear Ed, like a true Captain who steers his ship through calm and troubled waters, drawn by your inviting persona, I embarked on your vessel with full trust in your commanding leadership.
Lt. Col. Edwin P. Ramsey
Celebration of Life Memorial and Reception
Remarks by Raqui's Brother, Paul Ramirez