I first met Colonel Ed Ramsey and Raqui in 1989 at Fort Riley Kansas just prior to the birth of our first daughter at a reunion of the US Cavalry Association.  He was from that great WWII generation.  A son of the plains, representaive of a generation that came out of the hardship of the Great Depression, defend our nation and indeed the world against tyranny, and then to build a vibrant society that became the beacon on the hill for the last half of the 20th century.

An American hero, Ed embodied those values I learned long ago on the Plain at West Point -- Duty, Honor and Country.  A man of vigor and stamina, his awe-inspiring story of battling the Japanese against all odds... I thought he could go on forever, he was larger than life at times.  The years flew by though and suddenly, when it happened, there was so much left unsaid. No second chance to tell him thanks for all you have done for our nation and for the role model he provided to a young cavalry officer many years ago.

Ed and my Dad were of the same generation.  In fact, they shared the same birth month a bit less than a year apart.  Hard work, determination, self-reliance and an amazing love of our nation were all things they had in common.  My Dad was not rich; he grew up on a farm and worked construction for most of his life.  He once spoke of a richness a person acheived in life...  After the death of his mother, my grandmother, now almost fifty years on, my Dad said you could tell how rich a person was not by how much money they had; nor by the size of their house or by the fancy car they drove.  He said you could tell how rich a person was by the number of people who attended the funeral, as it illustrated the number of lives touched either intentionally or by example.  That day there had been almost 50 cars in her funeral procession.  Ed was more than just a friend.  Today, final honors were rendered to a true American hero and gentleman.  We can see by those who attended the funeral mass at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church on March 14, 2013 and those who attended the ceremony at Arlington today that indeed Dad was right.  Ed Ramsey was a very rich man indeed.

Our tears have been shed, we have said our last farewell, and he has been laid to rest.  I never will forget him. Though he may be gone, memories linger on.  We shall miss him.
Lt. Col. Edwin P. Ramsey
Celebration of Life Memorial and Reception
Remarks by Col. Douglas Morrison